Summer Wedding Ideas: Beach Theme Centerpiece

Summer Wedding Ideas: Beach Theme Centerpiece
I was so excited to find out that Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage was having a summer craft link party giveaway!

I put on my creative cap and came up with a cute and inexpensive centerpiece that would look great at a beach wedding. Nearly all of these items used to create the centerpiece came from the dollar store.
The rest were odds and ends from my thrift store stash.

Materials List...

You'll need:

  • a parmesan cheese shaker
  • some glass marbles
  • a bag of seashells
  • an embossed sticker
  • a small wreath
  • two bamboo skewers (per centrepiece)

Here is a closeup of the little wood sign that sits atop the centerpiece. I have my name painted onto it, but this is where you'd stencil or paint the names of the bride and groom. I used the bag that the seashells came in as a backdrop for the shells and a piece of another bag for a bow that I was trying to make look like a jellyfish.

The pearls and the silver seahorse medallion I already had in my stash. I painted a small piece of wood from a wooden calendar I bought from the thrift store which I thought would make a great place for the table numbers for a wedding. The little box was a redo of a red valentines box I found discounted at Hobby Lobby. I painted on  "Treasure from the sea" and added a sea shell for interest. It would make a cute ring box!

I forgot to mention that I added some Valspar brown glaze to dull the shine and add some instant patina to the sticker and the shaker lid.

So for about $5 I made a centrepiece that I think looks much more expensive. If I was to do my wedding reception all over again, I would definitely be making some of these. You could also print and cut out pictures of the bride and groom to add to the wreath...I think that would be a cute and much more personal touch.

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  1. Thanks for joining in for Simply The Best!I enjoyed getting to view your super cute beachy wreath. What a fun Summertime decor project!!

  2. Very clever use of the dollar store dishware- frankly I never thought of that. I will say that i did use all frogs-vintage ones borrowed from a friend. Originally I thought the mason jars would be empty, then I wanted sand. In the end we used rocks that the bride's mom had. I could have stuck the flags in the rocks...but that would have made my 3 part system unnecessary and I Liked the 3 parts. Thanks for leaving the nice comment about my wedding centerpieces.