Dollar Store Tiara Turned Birthday Crown

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Dollar Store Tiara Turned Birthday Crown
Inspired by some of the Birthday crowns that I have seen on Pinterest and having many friends with little girls, I decided to come up with my own version that would not fall off a child's head. So I began with a dollar store tiara and a few other items for what I'm calling the Pretty in Pink Crown ;-)

To Create the Pretty in Pink Crown...

To adorn your birthday girl on her special day, you'll need a few things from the dollar store including:

  • a tiara with pink feathers
  • a thick foam sign
  • variegated wire ended ribbon
  • glitter scrapbook letters
  • invitation sleeves

Step 1: Make the Base for the Crown

You'll need to make the base layer first...this is the non-slip part of the tiara and the crown's foundation. It's going to not only hold the tiara itself and all the other embellishments, but will keep the tiara from slipping off your little one's head. I started by making a template on plain copy paper before cutting the foam sign. Make sure to use some heavy duty scissors or a craft knife to cut out the shape.

Here's where you can get really creative, depending on what you happen to have lying around...You could cover the foam shape with some pretty fabric. I didn't have any pink fabric, so I just used the foam as it was.

Step 2: Make the Rosette for the Center of the Crown

This is a very pretty and feminine touch and makes for a unique crown jewel so to speak...I made the rosette and some rays to place behind the crown with the variegated ribbon.

These are the rays that you see around the Birthday Girl star topper.

I placed the rosette on the template to make sure it was just the right size as I worked along building the rose to scale.

Step 3: Make the Star Topper

I used the back of an invitation sleeve to cut out a star on my Silhouette Cameo and then backed it with a foam star that I cut down to size.

I used the curved and embossed ends to add behind the star.

The hardest part was knowing when to stop!

Here is a view from the side.

And here is another look at he finished crown. What do you think?

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