Handmade Angel Christmas Ornament

Handmade Angel Christmas Ornament
Is anyone in the Christmas spirit yet? I know I am...and that wonderful day is fast approaching! If you need a little inspiration for making your own ornaments, here is a compilation of some great ones to try.
I feel blessed to be included in this wonderful roundup for The Handmade Christmas Ornaments by a group of creative bloggers. Make sure to check them all out.

When I signed up for this Blog Hop, I wasn't exactly sure what kind of ornament I would make. I love all kinds of decor styles, but personally when I think of Christmas I want to stay true to the real meaning behind it. So I wanted the focus of my decor to be on JESUS being the reason for the SEASON.

I decided that angels would go nicely with my Nativity scene and set out to design an angel ornament that was:

  • inexpensive to make
  • pretty
  • unique
  • vintage looking

I think the angel has a Primitive Americana flavor to it, although I didn't intentionally set out to make it that way. It just spoke to me and told me how it wanted to be.

Okay, so I knew I was going to make an angel...but still wasn't sure what materials I was going to use to make it. I had gone to the dollar store a few weeks prior and was looking for some inspirational materials to re-purpose when I stumbled upon these wonderful aluminum cookie sheets. I almost couldn't believe that they were embossed with a waffle pattern! Because it came with 2 sheets in a package, I knew that even if I screwed one of them up, I would have another one to work with!

I had to experiment a bit by cutting the sheets into different shapes first before I found ones that worked. I found that one cookie sheet is enough to make 4 angels.

Warning: This NOT a Kid Friendly Project!

When you cut the aluminum it will have sharp edges and you may prick yourself, several times, so if you have garden gloves, or other gloves to protect your fingers, I would recommend using them.

Although, I DO NOT recommend this project for children, I will have another post with instructions for creating a Christmas angel ornament that I made that is totally kid proof, even my munchkin made his own version.

Materials for Creating the Handmade Angel Ornament

For this vintage Primitive Americana inspired Christmas Angel Ornament you will need:

  • a high temperature glue gun (preferably a mini one)
  • a wooden clothes peg
  • one tinfoil cookie sheet (remember: 1 sheet makes 4 angels)
  • scrapbook ribbon
  • berry floral wire

The floral wire and the ribbon were purchased from my local craft store. I already had the little circular halos...and I am afraid I don't remember where I picked them up. Probably at a garage sale? The clothes pegs can be found at Walmart or most craft stores.

Step 1: Make the Angel's Dress

Using tin snips or some very capable scissors with safety gloves on carefully cut out a semicircle shape that will be large enough when rolled around the clothes peg to fit the angel like a dress. You may want to draft a template from plain or scrap paper first to get the measurements right.

Then you will need to roll your semicircle into a cone shape and put it over the clothes peg. Glue it into place with a dab of hot glue on the backside so that the glue doesn't show when the ornament is hanging on the tree.

Step 2: Create the Bodice with Sleeves

To create the bodice, simply cut a strip of cotton fabric which is then glued onto the top part of the clothes peg above the foil dress. Using the glue gun, add a dab of glue to the back to secure the bodice to the clothes peg.

To make the sleeves cut the cotton into a trapezoid-ish shape as shown below in the photo and then fold in the piece from both sides as though you were creating a little rolled shape you then glue the sides together to make the seams for the sleeves.

I ended up cutting an inch and a half strip of cotton and snipped off the top outer edges at an angle to create the trapezoid shape. Once I had both sides folded in, I put a dot of hot glue to hold in place. I trimmed the excess on the bottom so that it matched the front.

When I attached the sleeves to the bodice with a dot of hot glue, I only attached them at the top, leaving the bottom of the sleeves detached. This makes it easier to wrap the berry garland around the body later.

Step 3: Cut out and Attach the Wings

Cut out the shapes for the wings. Then attach the halo and the wings to the clothes peg. If you wanted the wings to be sturdier, you could attach a piece of cardboard to the back. If I didn't already have little halos, I would have improvised and probably used small rings (key rings), hoops or floral wire (spray painted gold).

Step 4: Adding the Garland to the Dress

The next step is to wrap the garland around the waist and skirt starting at the back. I used about 15 inches in total and had to wrap it around the body 4 times.

Finally, add something for hanging the ornament. I opted to use some waxed cotton cord we had lying around the house, but you can easily use any pretty ribbons or decorative string (fancy bakers twine anyone?) you have in your stash at home.

I love how the light bounces off of the wings and dress. Quite the challenge to photograph though.

Hope I have inspired you to make something special! Till next time. Keep on creating! Blessings, Lucy.

If you would like a child friendly angel ornament... I made another one from dollar store silver spoons... You can find the link HERE


  1. Your angel is so elegant. I love that you were able to craft it with inexpensive supplies.

    I'm pinning and will share this on my FB page!

  2. These are so cute! I love them! Pinning and sharing on FB tomorrow! XO

  3. Clever use of affordable materials! I could see a whole tree trimmed with these little beauties.

  4. Lucy,
    I love the dollar store for reasonable tin from the materials. You are so creative to use the cookie sheet and your Angel is perfect for sharing The Reason For the Season.
    Create a great day,
    Karen Marie

  5. I love your angel ornament! Great texture and great eye for finding it on a cookie sheet!! :)

  6. Gorgeous Angel! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to make one. Linda

  7. I love this beautiful but inexpensive angel. I have a couple of questions. How many angels can you get from one cookie sheet? Do you have or can you make a PDF pattern for the pieces? If not, can you give the approximate measurements for each piece? Thank you!

  8. For those who would like to make this ornament, you can get 4 angels out of each cookie sheet. I don't have a PDF pattern for the pieces yet but I will work on making one. Wasn't sure if there would be any interest. The wings are about 3 inches across and the dress semi-circle is about 6 and a half inches across and 3 and a half inches high. I would make a template out a paper that has been folded in half and see if it works and adjust it accordingly. Hope that helps!

  9. This is great!!! How stinkin clever.

  10. SO glad to see this at our Get Your DIY On party! I was a big fan the first time I saw it and still am. Featured this sweet ornament in our Holiday DIYs to Try! Merry Christmas! XO

  11. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  12. muito lindo !!!