Pinterest addict, junkaholic, DIY-er and thrifter...that’s me in a nutshell. Offline, I’m an avid collector of one-of-a-kind items that I repurpose into treasures for the home. Ok, so MAYBE some of my collecting has earned me the reputation as a bit of a hoarder (I have a garage and almost an entire room of our family home full of collectibles), but in all the disorganized chaos I see only inspiration and beauty.

Did I mention that I love patina?! I’m obsessed with taking new and old objects and giving them that time worn look. In my former life after completing a communications and design program in Art College, I worked as a faux finisher, muralist and interior decorator. I did spend some time working as a graphic designer for different small design companies and I hated it!!! Too much time spent working in software and next to no time working with my hands. Add to that, the constantly shifting deadlines were real creativity crushers!
I only wish I had know about blogging when I was in art school! I definitely would have majored in blogging!

Although I enjoy designing on the computer for myself, I am happiest when I am using my hands…they are happiest with a paintbrush or glue gun! I love to create things that no one else has. I don't follow trends, but rather try to make things that are classic and timeless. I’m pretty sure I have craft ADHD! I can't stay focused on just one medium or just one project at a time!

My goal is to inspire you with affordable and creative ideas that bring beauty into your home. Since I started blogging 2 years ago, I have been fortunate to connect with many wonderful women from all over the world who have encouraged and inspired me and it is my sincere hope that I can do the same for you dear readers.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.



1. Who are you and where are you from?
I’m a Christian and try to reflect that in my work and in my daily life as a wife and mother. I was born in Europe, raised in Canada, married an American and am living in the South y'all!

2. Where do you get your inspiration?
All good inspiration comes from above so ultimately I give God the credit for all of my inspiration!

When I was a little girl, my siblings and I got one present a year at Christmas. I remember one Christmas getting a plastic miniature kitchen and since that is all I got, I made other furniture to scale to add to it out of cardboard boxes. I have always been inspired by materials that are free and like to think outside the box when it comes to creating. Out of desire and necessity I have learned to recreate for less the beautiful things that I was never able to afford.

I love things that are worn because they have the patina you can only get with the passage of time … all those gorgeous layers of paint create the stories and character of bygone eras. I get ideas from Pinterest, antique and vintage treasures, patterns in nature and fabric, castoffs and junk… it’s endless! It's easier to ask what I don't get ideas from. Like I said I suffer from crafting ADHD!

3. Do you have a store?
I’m currently working on launching an Etsy store. Right now I sell most of my work at a booth in a local antiques mall.

4. What’s your specialty?
I specialize in one of a kind repurposed, upcycled pieces and custom painted furniture and signs. I’ll gladly paint just about anything I can get my hands on. Paint can improve just about anything in need of a facelift in my opinion! Paint and a little bit of antiquing glaze.

5. What paints do you use to create your work?
Although I don’t have any favorites per se…I have used Prairie Colors Chalk Style Paint, Blackberry House Paint and Miss Lillian’s NO Wax Chock Paint as well as Fusion Mineral Paints. I also use Farragoz centuries old recipes I make myself which are based on an online course I am taking. Through it I have learned to make my own stain, gesso, milk paint, and oil paint so far. I try to use whatever I think will do the best job for the project.

**Full disclosure: I do receive samples of paint from Prairie Colors because I have been blessed to have been chosen as one of their brand ambassador. And I have been gifted the Farragoz online Course in exchange for blogging about it **

6. Can I hire you for special projects?
Absolutely! Feel free to contact me if you have something unique in mind for your business, home or special event. I especially like to do one of a kind wedding decor.

7. Do you teach classes or offer workshops?
Stay tuned! I am hoping to be able to offer classes and workshops on faux finishing and patina techniques in the not too distant future.

8. How often do you blog?   
I blog as much as I can even though I wish I could do it more often! As a SAHM, I do my best to juggle raising and homeschooling my precocious munchkin, running our household, managing my booth and being an active member of my local parish. If you’re interested in staying up to date, you can subscribe to my blog feed.

9. Can I link to your blog?
Yes, please! While I am flattered that you would want to, please remember that all of these ideas are original and a result of many hours of hard work. The images and content of patinaparadise.com are protected by copyright.

Please DO NOT:
  • distribute or copy the content without permission
  • edit or remove watermarks from any image
  • share an image or link to a post without crediting the source
If you would like to share an image feel free to pick a SINGLE IMAGE with a direct link to its original post.

10. What advice do you have for those thinking of starting a blog?
Don't wait for it, do it! I wish I had started blogging years ago, but I was too scared to take the plunge. Blog because you love something and want to share with others. Don't have expectations or limitations… do what you can and remember to keep your priorities straight.



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