Favorite Things: The Bloomin Festival

Favorite Things: The Bloomin Festival
Last Sunday I went to my favorite craft show — The Bloomin Festival! Sigh, I hope to have a booth at the show one day...

I wanted to share some highlights of my favorite booths and vendors!
They all had upcycled items for sale.

Talmadge Butler Custom Built Furniture

Up first is my friend Talmadge Butler who I made a sign for. I love the way it turned out. Thanks to my handy dandy Silhouette Cameo, making it was pretty effortless.

And here is 76 year old Talmadge himself. He makes potting benches, tables and cabinets out of old windows.

He also makes other great garden and cottage furniture.

Cats Carpetbags

Next up is my new found friend Cat from Cats Carpetbags. I loved talking to her! She is so personable and encouraging. You can find her on Facebook at Cats Carpetbags.

Aren't those jean jackets gorgeous! She had some beautiful upcycled bags and hip clothes and accessories. And I loved her display!

Love her cameo purses! Drool!

Love how she had these displayed and her hot pink chalkboard.

Love the framed sign with the thick rope! Although the sign itself could use some redesigning... by me :o). Something a little less shiny with more of a patina.

Larry's Birdhouses

I loved their birdhouses on poles and basically everything else they had! Here is some eye candy.

I think Larry's Birdhouses would look great in any setting!

Smartie Britches Children's Clothing

Next door was children's clothing booth Smartie Britches. I loved the old painted doors that they used as a backdrop. Their kids' clothes were super cute too!

Now for a view inside the booth...

Bearly Chenille

I LOVE chenille and the next booth had some beautiful items made with vintage chenille. You can email Bearly Chenille if you'd like to find out where to buy these items.

Check out this ultra adorable plush bunnies!

Here are some sweet snuggly pillows that would work great in a young child's room.

Did someone say more birdhouses?

Highwater Creations

These are upcycled from some unique items. They are made by the husband and wife team of Highwater Creations (Facebook page)...

I thought they were incredibly creative!

Kattywhampus Designs

And last but not least is Kattywhampus Designs. Owner Kristin repaints and updates furniture. I thought Kristin's sign was very creative. You can check out her out on her Facebook page.

How cool is this settee!

Well there's my round up. Hopefully next year I will have pictures of my own booth at the Bloomin Festival. Here's to hoping anyway.

If you would like more information about this craftshow visit the Bloomin Festival website.


  1. Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You listed some vendors I didn't even see when I was there on Sunday! I do remember Katty Wampus though. And those bird houses are too cute! Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! I love looking at pictures from craft shows. That kids clothing booth was so clever and the chenille creations. loved um! Thank you for your kind words...Have fun!